Audit Files scan anomoly

Feb 7 at 6:43 PM
I have downloaded and it does not function properly on a file share.
I have a local C:\badfiles\ folder and a U:\Tech Services\ share folder named in the FilePathToCheck fields; with email notification and detailed logging set, both contain the same Crypto-corrupted files.
The originals were restored from backups long ago.
I have no "Find" or "Compare" settings active because I have made no initial COMPARE pass on the already corrupted paths.
The U drive share reports: Success! - All Files Verified or Unknown:0
The C drive reports:
__File Audit - File Extensions Not Matching Content Header or Prohibited Files Found! Files Unverified: 5 Files Prohibited: 0__
Any idea what I miss-configured?
Feb 9 at 7:17 PM
Edited Feb 9 at 7:20 PM
Review the unverifiedfiles.csv file and take note of the file extensions. Then review your audit signatures tab to verify you have the signatures needed for the files. You might have to add some signatures using a hex editor. I added the most common files and signatures to the signatures tab.
Feb 13 at 9:14 PM
Also text file signatures cannot be verified using the Audit Files tab. Text files don't have a hex signature. If you want to use a binary compare of files then you have to use the compare tab and compare a backup with the production files, and copy options unchecked.
Feb 21 at 12:45 AM
These were all WORD files, so were scanned. I did note that .txt and a large contingent of other files have no tags so are not checked.
Feb 23 at 4:47 PM
You will have to use a hex editor and add any custom hex file signatures. I added the most common, but there are many in use. I added the signatures tab so that you can specify your own file signatures.