good(?) HTML flagged, bad TXT not flagged

Feb 17 at 6:23 PM
In spot-checking a directory scan with this awesome scanner, I ran across an anomaly in an old dell driver folder.
The HTML file it flagged opens fine and with notepad++ I don't see anything hidden in it, but two .txt files in that folder are now pure binary.
If this blog is still managed, I could forward the files.
Feb 17 at 7:01 PM
No. I won't receive files from someone I don't know. What tab and settings are you using?
Feb 17 at 10:35 PM
I Selected -StartTime; EndTime; DailyInterval(1); Audit Files(Off Hours Only); select day, select month; ; select path to check similar to "\filera\sales";
I put Checkboxes on CheckSubSubFolders; ExportCSVPatchnamed; ValidateZipFiles; ExportUnVerifiedToCSV; SendEMailOnFailure; SendEMailOnSuccess; and DetailedLogging.

Here's the zip file I was going to send-
Feb 23 at 4:49 PM
Edited Feb 23 at 4:51 PM
Audit Files tab scans for expected file signatures. Text files do not have file signatures so cannot be audited. You can customize the signatures tab to tweak the html signature if you want. Audit files tab is for verifying binary files like Office files or zip files.